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Fiber Stripper & Kevlar® Shears Kit

Manufacturer Part Number:TK-350


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Featuring our best selling JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears and JIC-375 Three Hole Fiber Optic Stripper in a convenient molded pouch, the TK-350 Fiber Stripper & Kevlar® Shears Kit is the essential tool kit for any fiber technician. This kit features the following:

  • JIC-375 strips the 1.6 mm-3 mm fiber jacket, 600-900 micron buffer coating, and 250 micron coating to expose the 125 micron glass fiber
  • JIC-186 is perfect for cutting Kevlar®, cabling insulation, tape, cable ties, and other materials with ease
  • Comfortable molded pouch keeps tools safe and secure
  • Metal belt clip attaches easily to any belt

Kit includes:
JIC-186 Wire & Kevlar® Cutting Shears
JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper, Three Hole
H-60 Molded 2 Pocket Tool Pouch

0.795 lb (0.36 kg)


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