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18' Telescoping Pole with Hooks

Manufacturer Part Number:RDT-18K


Purchase for $131.47Qty

Designed to extend a full 18 feet (5.58 meters) while providing more control and accuracy than its competitors, this telescoping pole is perfect for installing or retrieving cables in drop ceilings or other hard to reach places. This telescoping pole features the following:

  • Tapered interlocking tubes extend up to 18 ft (5.58 m) and collapse to a mere 33" (0.84 m)
  • Constructed from a high density fiberglass material with a polyester resin-baked enamel coating for maximum durability and resistance to splintering
  • Telescoping action is considerably stronger than coil or other rod-based products allowing greater control and accuracy. Simply pull and twist to lock it in place.
  • Includes: C & K hooks (to help grab/push cables), adapter (to replace the platform for navigating tight spaces), and small carrying pouch

The RDT-18K includes the following:

  • RDC-35 C Hook
  • RDK-5 K Hook
  • Compact Navigation Adapter
  • Small Carrying Pouch

Extended Length
18 ft (5.58 m)

Collapsed Length
33" (83.8 cm)

2.41 lb (1.09 kg)


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