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Hardline Coring and Stripping Tool 1/2"

Manufacturer Part Number:HSC-50


Purchase for $125.71Qty

The HSC-50 hardline coring and stripping tool is designed to core and strip 1/2" diameter Times Fiber T10 and Commscope P3 and other similar cables. The coring and stripping tool features the following:

  • Performs both coring and stripping all in one tool, stripper can be easily removed to help deal with flooded cables
  • Heavy duty aluminum body with stripping and coring blades made of high carbon steel and heat treated for long life
  • T handle is a ratcheting handle for increased comfort and faster coring and the tool can perform both coring and stripping simultaneously, T handle can also be removed allowing the user to attach a drill to make coring even easier
  • Replacement blades and coring bits can be purchased separately (no need to ever replace the entire tool)
  • Ideal for aerial or underground hardline cables for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings
  • Includes Allen keys for replacing stripping blades and removing the T handle
  • The tool bevels the outer conductor, chamfers the center conductor, and opens to a center conductor length of 1”
  • Total core and strip length is 3.50”

The coring bit, coring blade, and jacket stripping blade are made from hardened steel for long life.

Cable Size
1/2" (12.7 mm)


8" (203mm)

1 lbs (0.45kg)


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